Vehicle electrical problems


Is Your Car Having Electrical Issues?

Vehicle Electrical Repair

Once upon a time, a car’s electrical system was a relatively simple thing. You had the battery and an alternator and a couple of accessories such as lights, wipers, and maybe a radio.

Nowadays, cars are practically computers, with the electrical system being responsible for managing multiple functions from fuel systems, environmental controls, and proximity alerts. Electronics run nearly everything in your car.

That’s why if you find yourself having trouble with your electrical systems, the skilled, experienced technicians at LaScuola MotorWorks are the ones to call for help. They diagnose and fix the problem with your electrical system promptly so that you can get back on the road with a fully functional vehicle.

Get Your Car’s Electrical Fixed By A Local Mechanic

The starter, alternator, battery, wiring, cables, and sensors all work in harmony to keep your entire vehicle running safely and smoothly. When one part is having issues, the problem starts to affect other systems.

Even if it’s only a single wire or sensor that’s damaged, that small problem could lead to severe consequences for your vehicle. LaScuola MotorWorks is always ready to provide diagnostics and repair services for any issues you may have with your electrical system.

Your vehicle’s electrical system handles:

  • Headlight and directionals
    Power windows and locks
    Instrument panel and gauges
    Warning lights and systems
    Engine diagnostics
    Heating and air conditioning
    Anti-theft devices
    Cruise control
    Entertainment and navigation accessories

How To Tell There May Be a Problem

It’s essential to know what could be a sign that an electrical problem is occurring. If you notice any of these issues below, it’s time to have your electrical system checked so a small problem can be fixed before it becomes a big problem.

– Check Engine Light: This is always a sign that you should bring your vehicle in for a checkup as soon as possible. For electrical systems, the problem could be a faulty sensor. This could lead to other systems not working correctly.

– Dim or Flickering Lights: If your vehicle’s lights (headlights, dome lights, etc.) start to dim or flicker, it can signify a problem with the battery or electrical system.

– Non-working Entertainment/Navigation Electronics: If accessories such as the radio or onboard GPS fail to work properly, there could be an issue with a blown fuse or damaged wiring.

– Failure To Turn Over: Nothing ruins a morning more than getting into your vehicle, turning the key, and finding the engine clicking or not responding at all. That’s a dead giveaway that there is something wrong, and it’s most likely going to be a dead battery or faulty alternator.

– A Burning Smell: The smell of melting plastic or burning rubber could mean there is a short somewhere in the vehicle. When a wire carries more current than it should from the battery, the plastic insulation around the wire melt, causing the smell. This could end up leading to dangerous issues, so get any burning smells checked out immediately.

– Performance Issues: Anytime you notice changes in your vehicle’s performance (including poor mileage), you should have it checked out. It could be an electrical problem or something equally serious with another part of your vehicle. In either case, don’t delay.

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If you suspect there is any problem at all with your electrical system or any other part of your vehicle, bring it in as soon as you can for a thorough, expert inspection and diagnosis. Don’t let a poorly functioning vehicle become a safety hazard.

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