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Nothing will shake confidence in your car than sudden or continued problems with your steering or suspension—especially while on the road. These crucial systems are much more than gears and springs. Power steering and suspension are complex vehicle systems that need regular service and repair.

Your car’s owner manual should have a recommended schedule of regular service. That said, the moment you sense any steering issues or experience bouncing or similar issues, it’s high time for steering and suspension service.

The experienced technicians at LaScuola MotorWorks are on-hand and ready to take on all your power steering and suspension needs sp you can drive with confidence.

Popular Questions Our Customers Ask

What does the power steering light mean?

If the power steering warning light comes on, but the car is not having steering issues, check the fluid level as soon as possible. If the warning light does not go away, bring your vehicle in for servicing.
If, when the warning light comes on, your car or truck becomes difficult to steer, know that the power steering system has failed. While it’s possible to drive your vehicle without power assistance, it can be difficult and unsafe. Have the power steering system car serviced as soon as possible.

What are the different types of power steering systems?

Cars today usually use one of three different systems: hydraulic power steering (HPS), electric power steering (EPHS), and electric power hydraulic steering (EPHS).

Hydraulic power steering uses pressure supplied from a steering pump powered by the engine. This pushes fluid through the steering system to assist drivers in turning the wheel. Electric power steering systems use an electric motor attached to the steering rack or column to help in turning the wheel. The advantages of this system are better fuel economy and lower emissions. And an electric power hydraulic steering system combines both ideas by having the hydraulic pump be powered by an electric motor instead of an engine belt.

What do shocks and struts do?

The short answer is that shock absorbers control the movement of coil spring and suspension parts. They adjust to road conditions to reduce the effects of bouncing, rolls, and sways. Struts perform a similar function and provide structural support—particularly when it comes to keeping tires in position. As a result, struts are essential to safe braking, steering, and wheel alignment.

    When is it time to replace shocks and struts?

    Usually, shocks and struts can last anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 miles, but if you experience any of the following conditions, bring your vehicle in for a check and possible servicing:
    – Noticeable bouncing while driving—especially over bumps
    – Swaying or leaning while changing lanes
    – Swaying or leaning while turning
    – Unreliable steering response
    – The front of the car dips on braking

    Should all four shocks be replaced at the same time?

    You’ll want to, at least, replace them in pairs—either on the front axle or the back. If your vehicle has gone over 100,000 miles without replacement, you will want to have them all replaced at once.

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