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Having Issues With The Muffler On Your Car?

We’ve all seen them—those cars with the dragging tailpipe and the muffler that sounds like their engine is right there in your passenger seat.

While it might be easy to laugh at the sight of such a car on the road, the truth is that a malfunctioning or busted exhaust system can be very serious. Broken or leaky exhaust parts not only get in the way of a vehicle’s engine performance but also increase emissions and could even lead to carbon monoxide infiltrating your car’s interior.

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If your car is exhibiting any signs of exhaust or muffler issues, you should get it checked out and fixed right away. While it’s possible to drive for a short while with a damaged exhaust system, the health risks aren’t worth it, and the damage to your vehicle could become more severe.

How Long Do Mufflers Last?

In most cases, the life of a muffler can extend anywhere from 40,000 to 80,000 miles. A lot depends on the road and weather conditions your vehicle is exposed to. Harsh driving conditions such as frigid temperatures, excessive road salt, potholes, and road debris can all contribute to muffler and exhaust system failure.

You can help extend the life of your muffler and exhaust system by having your vehicle’s undercarriage washed regularly. This will help prevent corrosion. And when you determine it’s time for a replacement muffler, choose one made of corrosion-resistant steel. Talk with your local muffler and exhaust system repair specialists for their recommendations.

Signs Of a Bad Muffler

When one or more of the below symptoms occur, you should strongly consider bringing your vehicle in for a complete examination and servicing before any issues worsen.

  • Tailpipe is too low, dangling, or dragging
  • Muffler makes a clunking sound
  • Engine seems to be rattling or misfiring
  • Exhaust sounds louder than it should
  • You detect an unusual exhaust smell
  • You observe condensation coming from the exhaust pipe

Most muffler replacements take only an hour or less to accomplish, depending on the vehicle. If your exhaust problems are coming from the mid-pipe or downpipe, it could take a little longer as these pipes can be difficult to reach and could need to be also replaced.

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Ready To Serve You!

Don’t wait before the problem worsens before you take action.

Call 410-655-0686 today and schedule an appointment to have your car checked.

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