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Catalytic Converters play an important role in reducing your car’s production of air pollution by controlling the emissions from internal combustion engines. If you start to notice a bad, rotten egg smell coming from your car, you will want to call LaScuola MotorWorks.

We offer professional assistance in repairing catalytic converters in Randallstown, Eldersburg, and surrounding areas.

How to Know When You Need A Repair

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Replacing a Catalytic Converter is not a cheap purchase due to the metals that it is made of. However, you can save money by getting a repair and get you back on the road. Some of the reasons you may need a repair are if it is clogged or damaged which can create more problems to your car and even cause your engine to fail. A tell-tale sign that it needs repair is if there is a noticeable smell of rotten eggs coming from your car when driving.

More signs to look out for are:

  • Your check engine light comes on
  • Problems with your engine stalling
  • Hearing a rattling noise from the catalytic converter when your car is running
  • If you notice it being overheated

    Emissions Test

    If you are still unsure or just want to get an official test done to get ahead of the game and know if you are in need of a repair is to ask a professional to perform an emissions test. This is beneficial to help figure out what part of the catalytic converter has failed. You can ask one of our technicians to do an analysis and test the exhaust gasses to identify the problem.

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