Get Your Car’s Alternator Fixed By A Trusted Auto Shop

Alternator Repair or Replacement

Your alternator is the heartbeat of your vehicle and is essential to keeping its electrical system running properly.

Your automobile’s electrical system is responsible for a host of vital functions. Not only does is it integral to starting your engine, but it powers your car’s electrical features such as windshield wipers, radio, headlights, power windows, and engine fans.

When you’ve got a problem with your alternator, you want LaScuola MotorWorks to step up and handle your inspection, maintenance, repair, and replacement needs. Our team of expert electrical systems specialists can not only take care of your alternator but also help with battery replacement and other system issues.

Get Your Alternator Fixed By Experienced Mechanics

Even before trouble occurs, problems can be identified early to determine any issues with the battery, cable, belt, or alternator itself. To keep minor, easily fixable problems with your automotive electrical system from becoming bigger ones, keep an eye out for signs of electrical trouble and get them inspected and repaired before more expensive solutions end up on the menu.

Your car’s electrical system is essential for starting the engine and powering certain safety features like headlights and blinkers. The automotive electrical system is made up of a complex connection of circuits which, along with your battery, create, store and distribute energy where it’s needed. The qualified specialists at LaScuola MotorWorks can take care of all your automotive electrical system maintenance needs.

In the course inspecting the electrical system, our mechanics look at both alternator and battery health.


Alternator Inspection

  • Overall visual inspection
  • Drive belt check
  • installing brackets check
  • Electrical tests
  • A complete examination of the charging system to make sure the alternator current and voltage meet the manufacturer’s requirements

Battery Inspection

  • Cable connections
  • Hold-down hardware
  • Starter function
  • Proper positioning of bolts and brackets
  • Starter electrical draw test to determine the amount of electricity needed to turn the engine over.

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