What To Ask An Auto Glass Repair Business

Key Questions To Ask Before Repairing Auto Glass

Is there anything worse than dealing with broken glass in your vehicle? Whether it’s a chipped or cracked windshield or a shattered side or rear window, it can be a real pain—especially if driving conditions are already bad.

That, and it looks terrible, too.

To guarantee that the auto glass in your automobile is fixed correctly, you should always engage with a competent auto glass repair shop near you. After all, you won’t benefit much from a poor-quality or unsightly windshield repair or replacement, and neither will the worth of your car.

Before hiring someone to handle your auto glass replacement or repair needs, there are a few questions you should ask to ensure the job is going to be done right. Don’t worry about asking these questions. As the customer, you’re well within your rights to want to be confident in your choice of local auto glass repair and replacement.

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Are You Licensed?

Make sure you only work with businesses that are certified and authorized for auto glass repair. Most businesses will advertise their certification.

Are You a Member of the Auto Glass Safety Council?

Membership in this organization demonstrates professionalism and expertise in auto glass manufacture, repair, and replacement.

Do Your Products Adhere To Federal Safety Regulations?

Never hesitate to ask about the glass or other components a provider will use to fix your vehicle. Verify that the repairs will be exclusively made of materials that have received federal approval.

Do You Offer Warranties?

Find out what kind of warranty you’ll get on the windshield that has been fixed or replaced. A warranty will ensure that you are taken care of if anything should happen.

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How Long Will Repairs Take?

You should know how long it will be before you can drive your car again before you agree to any repairs. Most repairs shouldn’t take longer than an hour, but you should always ask to be sure and find out if there are a lot of other customers ahead of you.

How Long Does It Take To Repair Small Cracks and Chips?

In general, windshield crack and rock chip repairs take around 30 minutes. The length of time could change depending on how many chips or cracks your windshield has. If you don’t want to wait for in-shop repairs, ask about mobile repair options.

How Much Do Windshield Replacement and Repairs Cost?

The price of auto glass repairs varies according to the extent of the damage. Your choice of mobile or in-shop service and the type of car you drive will also affect the price of a windshield replacement. Get a free estimate for the repairs or replacement in advance so you’ll know what to budget for when you bring your car in for maintenance.

Will Insurance Pay for a New Windshield?

That depends on what the insurance policy covers. Typically, it works as follows:

  1. Property Damage Liability: If another driver is at fault in a collision that damages your windshield, their liability insurance should cover the replacement cost. You’ll have to submit a claim, and the other insurer will have to approve it.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage: Your insurer will probably pay for a new windshield if the damaging incident is covered. Vandalism, flying objects, misdirected baseballs, falling tree branches, and similar events are virtually always covered. If you don’t have comprehensive insurance, you may be out of luck.

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Do You Offer Mobile Glass Repair Services?

Mobile vehicle glass repair is considered a highly valued service if you can’t safely drive your car to the repair shop or otherwise need repairs to come to you. Windshield repair or replacement can be done by technicians who will visit your house or place of business. All they’ll need is access and the go-ahead to get started.

Can I Do My Own Repairs?

Truthfully, it’s not recommended. While there are several DIY auto glass repair kits available, they are made with subpar materials, and if you make a mistake, it can be quite difficult to fix, and you’ll have to take your car to a windshield repair business anyway. That, and the damage will likely worsen if you wait too long.

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